Strategic Queries versus Tactical Queries

It is very common in Data Warehousing (DWH). These differences are described in terms of SLE, size, complexity and throughput.

Strategic Queries Tactical Queries
 Strategic queries represent business questions that are intended to draw strategic advantage from large stores of data.  Tactical queries are short, highly tuned that facilitate action-taking or decision-making in a
time-sensitive environment. They usually come with a clear service level expectation and consume a very small percentage of the overall system resources.
 Strategic queries are often complex queries, involving aggregations and joins across multiple tables in the database. They are sometimes long-running and tend not to have a strict service level expectation.  Tactical queries are usually repetitively executed and take advantage of techniques such as request (query plan) caching and session-pooling.
 Strategic queries are sometimes ad hoc. They may require significant database resources to execute and they are often submitted from 3rd party tools.

Understand the Datawarehouse Architecture

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