Performance Monitoring

There are numerous applications to monitor Teradata performance:


System Summary
 Account String Expansion (ASE)  Account String Expansion (ASE) is a mechanism that enables AMP usage and I/O statistics to be collected. ASE supports performance monitoring for an account string.
 TDPTMON  Teradata Director Program (TDP) User Transaction Monitor (TDPTMON) is a client routine that enables a system programmer to write code to track TDP elapsed time statistics.
 System Management Facility  The System Management Facility (SMF) is available in the Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) environment only. This facility collects data about Teradata Database performance, accounting, and usage.
Performance Monitor/Application Programming Interface  The PM/API provides hooks into the Performance Monitor and Production Control (PM and PC) functions resident within the Teradata Database. PM and PC data is available through a log-on partition called MONITOR using a specialized PM/API subset of the Call-Level Interface version 2 (CLIv2) routines.

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