What is Teradata?

Teradata is a company and people comonly use this word to refer to Teradata’s commonly used product – the database. An RDBMS database that uses a  MPP(Massively Parallel Processing) architecture.

Teradata is specialized to hold data from various sources, large datasets and fast processing. Thus mostly used for warehousing.

Teradata is a massively parallel processing system running a shared-nothing architecture. Its technology consists of hardware, software, database, and consulting. The system moves data to a data warehouse where it can be recalled and analyzed

Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is the platform that runs the Teradata Database, with added data management tools and data mining software.

Teradata EDW is a relational database management system that is designed to extract different types of data from multiple sources and converts, integrates and stores large scale data in a single place and in a common format. TD’s data consolidation make data available for analysis.

Most corporations run V13 (introduced 2010) and V14


Teradata and It’s unique features



Teradata Architecture

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