Importance of SQL performance tuning

SQL performance is vital for driving value from a data warehouse. With today’s growing query complexity, optimizing SQL can be a daunting task. This series provides a fundamental method for SQL tuning that has been used and refined through thousands of tuning exercises. The structure and process in this method generates a context that minimizes the complexities and gets to the root of the performance issues, which enables faster remediation. Further, the method provides a consistent, repeatable process that can be leveraged across the organization from the end user to database administrator. In addition to the structured method, the presenters will share insight on typically seen performance problems and provide sample remedies. This provides the reader with insight to commence their tuning efforts.

SQL tuning can be a daunting task. This method leads an analyst to diagnose & see the root cause of a performance issue in the process of developing a solution.
The reader will receive a proven tuning method that has been used to systematically diagnose & fix 1000s of SQL tuning issues.
SQL tuning diagnostics with typical problem types & sample remedies are provided in this series.

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